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How does the checkToP® test work?

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body begins to produce a hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) which is excreted in the urine where its concentration rises over time. The checkToP® test detects the hCG hormone in urine if the hormone level is 1 000 mlU/mL or greater.
If treatment for Termination of Pregnancy has been effective or miscarriage has occured the hCG level should drop below 1 000 mlU/mL within 10 to 20 days. checkToP® will not detect hCG levels lower than
1 000 mlU/mL while classical pregnancy tests will be positive.

Should I test at a certain time of the day?

Yes, we recommend testing checkToP® on the first morning urine that should be more concentrated.

Will the quantity of fluids I have drunk affect the result?

Yes, a high fluids intake may dilute the urine and make the hCG detection more difficult. Abnormal fluids intake is therefore not recommended.

What if I am unsure about the result of the test?

If you are unable to determine whether or not the line is present in the oval test window, repeat the test after 1 day with a new checkToP® test. If you follow the instructions, you should get accurate results. Certain drugs which contain hCG or that are used in combination with hCG (such as Pregnyl®, Porfasi®, Pergonal®) and rare medical conditions may give a false positive result. Alcohol, analgesis, antibiotics, birth control pills, hormone therapies containing clomiphene citrate (such as Clomid®, Serophen®) or painkillers should not affect the test result.

I left the absorbent tip in my urine for more than 10 seconds.
Will I still obtain a correct result?

Yes. A few extra seconds will not affect the result.

I left the absorbent tip in my urine less than 5 seconds.
Will I still obtain a correct result?

No, because the urine sample volume may be too small.

What if the line in the test window is darker than the line in the control window
or the line in the test window is lighter than the line in the control window?

As long as you see a line in each window, the test result is positive.

What should I do when I have the result?

You must follow the advice given by the medical staff managing you.

What if I don't wait the full 5 minutes before reading the test?

If your read the test before 5 minutes, you may not give the test enough time to work, and the test result may not be accurate. DO NOT INTERPRET the result if 10 minutes have elapsed after having brought the absorbent tip into contact with urine.

How accurate is the test?

The checkToP® is very accurate and has been used by healthcare professionals to confirm the success of Medical Termination of Pregnancy up to 9 weeks of amenorrhea (hospitals and laboratories). Evaluation reports show that checkToP® can detect hCG above 1 000 mlU/mL in over 99% of cases. No test is perfect and even if the test is negative, you should still contact your healthcare provider if you have symptoms of pregnancy such a scanty bleeding, no period at the expected time, tender breasts, feeling sick, and tummy growing.

Can I use checkToP® to diagnose a pregnancy?

checkToP® is not able to detect very early pregnancies and only shows positive if the hCG hormone is more than 1 000 mlU/mL. Other pregnancy tests are more sensitive and give a positive result starting from 5 to 25 mlU/mL.

1. checkToP® Instruction For Use