checkToP® RESULT


Error message

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Between 5 to 10 minutes, a line will appear

in the control window (the smaller one).

Do not read before 5 min or after 10 min.

Easy to read results1

One band in the control window and no band in the test window

Termination of pregnancy is confirmed*

One band in each reading window

Treatment for medical termination
of pregnancy may not have worked or is not complete

Consult your physician




No band in the control window, with or without a band in the test window:

INCONCLUSIVE test (Please report it to

Test to be repeated with a new checkToP® and fresh urine sample obtained 24 hours later after the inconclusive test



*The test is 99% reliable. However, even if the test confirms the termination of pregnancy, you should still contact your physician if you have the following symptoms:

No bleeding or 
limited bleeding
since the last
treatment intake

Tummy growing

Feeling sick

Tender breasts

No period
by 1 month
after treatment

Consult your physician
to have additionnal examinations

  1. checkToP® Instruction For Use